Women's Dark Blue Denim Ryu Capris

 通常価格 $84.95

Ryu in Japanese means dragon. For ages, Dragons have been a symbol of strength, courage and magic. Dramatic and beautifully illustrated, this wonderful Dragon also holds a pearl to represent prosperity. On a background of art that looks like denim, these capris are actually made with our wonderful feeling performance fabric that keeps you cool and comfy for anything from running an ultra to hot yoga, spin, or your toughest workout at the gym... but so amazing looking, you'll find yourself wanting to wear them even when you aren't working out! (Just be prepared for people wanting to touch your legs ;-) MSRP $ 84.95


• Thigh Pocket Perfect for iPhone, GU or Keys

• Wear 2-Way Waistband: Up or Rolled Down

• Vibrant Lasting Color

• Flat Seamed with Seamsoft Thread for Chafe Resistance

• 100 Mile Ultra Tested

• Made in the USA