Women's Wish Camisole

 通常価格 $69.95
Remember being a child and the joy of finding a dandelion that you can use to make a wish? The power of hoping for something, can be the match that ignites a fuse of amazing things to come. We love what that symbolizes! And while the dandelion appears fragile and delicate, it is a remarkably robust plant that will thrive wherever its many seeds land. All the beauty of a flower and all the strength and toughness of a weed... and it all begins with a wish. $ 69.95


• Silky, Light, 4-Way Stretch Fabric

• Built-in Bra

• Soft, Wicking Inner Panels with Pockets for Pads

• Tag Doubles as Key Pocket

• Vibrant Lasting Color

• Flat Seamed with Seamsoft Thread for Chafe Resistance

• 100 Mile Ultra Tested

• Made in the USA